Yoga Events You’ll Want To Attend

Yoga events are becoming increasingly popular with festivals being top of the list. Imagine a calm, tranquil setting with other like minded souls searching for inner peace. The beauty of yoga festivals is that they most take place in natural surroundings with the chance to enjoy being at one with nature.

There’s a wonderful community spirit, with happy vibes, and a real chance to let go of everyday stresses. You’ll find a mix of large gatherings at some of the bigger events, to smaller, more intimate groups. The following yoga events take place annually, and tickets can be bought in advance. Whether you’re going as a couple, or family group, you’ll be sure to enjoy any one of these events.

Woodland Yoga Beltane Day Retreat

This popular yoga event takes place in St Albans every spring, offering a day of calm and inner peace. The morning begins with meditation followed by a session of energising yoga. Then, after a homemade lunch you’ll enjoy a mindful walk among the bluebells in Heartwood forest.

The Big Retreat In Wales

The big retreat festival is suitable for all ages, and takes place in the stunning Pembrokeshire coast national park. The festival occurs every summer with activities including pilates, fitsteps, zumba, kickboxing, and lots more. In addition, there’s arts and craft workshops to get your creative juices flowing.

The Great British Kundalini festival

This five day annual event takes place in St Albans at a former convent, and is packed with activities. These include group meditations, morning sadhana yoga, kundalini yoga, sound healing, and a teens camp. In addition you can also visit the sikh temple for reflection and contemplation.

The World Yoga festival

The World yoga festival is an annual event that takes place in Reading. It’s a three day event featuring a wide range of activities including asana yoga, pranayama yoga, chanting, and meditation. In addition you can also buy yoga clothing and accessories.