Best Apps For Fun And Fitness

Casino apps for fun on the go

Casino apps provide fun entertainment on the go. There are a huge variety available, many of which can be downloaded on both iphone and android. Party Casino offers a wide range of games, but try starburst slot as it has a maximum prize of 50,000 coins. It’s also one of the most popular NetEnt titles.

Keeping fit is important for your wellbeing, and fitness apps provide a fun way to track your progress. Staying active not only makes you feel good, but lowers high blood pressure as well. The following apps provide a fun way of practicing yoga and tracking fitness.

Pocket yoga

Pocket yoga is suitable for beginners with three levels of difficulty. Animated videos set in a choice of location are narrated with a female voice. As each class begins with a warm up, your body is prepared for yoga practice. The good thing about Pocket yoga is you don’t need internet connection to use it. This means you could be on a beach, or high up in the mountains!

Glo yoga app

Glo is not just about yoga, but has classes in meditation and pilates as well. There are over 3,500 classes with a variety of yoga styles. These include Ashtanga, Kundalini, and lots more. In addition, the pilates and meditation classes offer a great way to improve both mind and body health. There are almost 50 different teachers with world class experience. You can download from itunes onto your iphone, ipad, or smart watch, and it costs £21.49 a month.

Map my fitness

Map my fitness is a great app for helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though you get ads it’s completely free, and supports a wide range of activities from running to cycling. Map my fitness allows you to set goals, and it can be connected to a fitness tracker.